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Big Brother Slapdancer Alexandra De Gale’s No Touching Rule

by | 13th, June 2008

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MORE news on Alexandra de Gale, who now functions as the Star and Mirror’s Big Brother standard bearer.

“BIG BRO ALEX FACES BOOT,” announces the Star. “Fans fury over rows.”
The show’s “producers are shocked by the ex-lapdancer’s angry rants and the hundreds of viewer complaints”.

Shocked? We thought ythsi is how she is expected to behave? What is it about lapdancers that makes them so argumentative? And how long until they’re called slapadancers, offering punters a happy slap and some verbal abuse?

“I’d appreciate it if no-one touches my things,” says Alexnadra, taking the no touching rule beyond the lap and the pole. She asks: “Why do people think they can violate my property?”

Last season’s Big Brother featured Charley Uchea, who had also danced for money. When the music stopped, Charley set about calling everyone “pafetick” and strafing them with her ack-ack fire speech patterns.

The one thing about Charley was that we could understand only one in every thirty words she spoke. She might have been talking to herself, and we did out best to look away and ignore here.

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But Alexandra is the lapdancer performing to a slower song. Her words are enunciated, chiefly the word “f*ck”, which is her motto.

Now the Star says “gobby” Alexandra De Gale is on a final warning and might yet rusticated.

And know that in an “exclusive poll for the Daily Star, 100% of people backed the campaign to get the ‘wicked witch of the south’ axed.”

It might only be that two peoples voted, but 100% cannot be argued with, and Alexandra joins Saddam Hussein in achieving the perfect democratic score.

Get Alexandra out – or keep her in and give the papers something to talk about…

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