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Gordon Brown Does The Apprentice

by | 13th, June 2008

the-apprentice.jpgLEE McQueen has won The Apprentice TV show, and with his dream office job in Brentwood comes the “fury”.

Fury is how tabloid readers react to just about anything from the Madeleine McCann saga to Coronation Street being moved to Thursday nights to make way for the football.

Today’s fury is being directed at “the decision to award a £100,000 job in this year’s The Apprentice to a salesman who lied on his CV”.

McQueen claimed to have studied at Thames Valley University for two years, but in reality he remained on a course for a mere four months. He might have learned it all in that time, but this is not the point.

Such is the fury that the Mail says “even the Prime Minister” has weighed into the outcry in the “business community”. Yeah, even Arctic Monkeys fan Gordon. Next he’ll be cosying up to the McCanns and humming the theme song to children’s TV shows.

Says Gordon Brown:

“I think people should tell the truth. I think in this case someone exaggerated what they had done. [Sir] Alan Sugar is perfectly capable of making his decisions and we should support him in the decision that he made. But generally my advice to people is to tell the truth when they are applying for jobs. Because as was found in this case, it always comes out anyway and it became known that an exaggeration had been made.”

That the Government supports Sir Alan Sugar’s is of interest; it may even be right for Sugar to now support Brown. But what of Gordon Brown who never had to apply for his current job, the role of prime minister being handed to him on a plate.

But if his CV is the Labour Party manifesto, one might admire his, as Alan Sugar would say, chutspa.

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