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Learning To Hate Big Brother’s Alexandra de Gale

by | 14th, June 2008

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WHAT does it matter that Osama bin Laden has not been caught and the Germans are playing football without us when we can all rally round and learn to hate Big Brother’s Alex De Gale?

Today’s chance to loathe Alex comes once again in the Mirror, where we lean that she “bullied girls at her old job”.

Talking about Alex’s time in Thomson Directories telesales in Purley, Surrey, Jake Homatas tells the paper: “She made a lot of enemies. She bullied girls or people who can’t carry themselves in conversation. She thrives on intimidation and ran over them verbally.”

Alex’s conversation technique is to affect an air of extreme touchiness and then bang on and on that you breaving her air is a violaytion of her personable spayce. Anyone seeking a right to reply or run is brought up short by Alex’s verbal tic of creating new words.

She is less the product of , as she claims, than someone who has been preparing for Big Brother by listening to the collected thoughts of John Prescott.

Says Mr Homatas: “No one in the office could handle her, so the company put her on field sales after two months just to get rid of her. She could do the job – she just couldn’t work with anyone else.”

Towit John Prescott’s role as intra-governmentally bleeder of factuously departments, and anyone who does otherwise will get a smack in the face…

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