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Those Newspaper Freebies Unwrapped

by | 14th, June 2008

free-newspapers.jpgREASONS why you should buy a newspaper: No. 1 – because they give you “free” things you really want:

A look at today’s offers:

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “FREE INSIDE – How To Photograph Absolutely Everything”

Take photos of the Loch Ness Monster, Osama bin Laden and the dark side of the moon – guaranteed!

DAILY MAIL: “FREE INSIDE – Michael Caine DVD.” It’s the Whistle Blower. Heard of it? for those of you that haven’t, a look at the imdb tells us:

Some time ago I bought this movie for just 3 euro’s. This low price was probably already a secret sign saying: ‘Don’t buy this one boy…!!’ But still, Michael Caine starred in it..a respectable actor…I gave it a try.

I put it in the DVD player and pushed the play button…This movie has no story, no goal, no suspense , no action, just nothing. Just meaningless dialogues and strange people. Now I am a nice and positive guy but this film really has to be one of the lousiest movies EVER made.


DAILY EXPRESS: “FREE 10 Pack Of Summer Bedding Plants” and “FREE 10 CC”

A syringe of heroin made from your poppy bedding plants?

If only – the 10 stands for £10 and the “CC” for Country Casuals, clothign for anyone who wants to look like an extra form Midsomer Murders

THE SCOTSMAN – “FREE Book Scottish Birds”


DAILY MIRROR: “Two free energy saving light bulbs”

Was it Gordon Brown’s idea to put glass and mercury inside your newspaper?

THE TIMES – “Free Tennis Lesson”

One tennis lesson and you’ll be ranked in the top dozen British tennis players – or your money back!

More freebies next weekend…

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