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Madeleine McCann And Lenore Skenazy’s Son

by | 15th, June 2008

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NY Sun columnist Lenore Skenazy allows her nine-year-old to walk about New York on his own. In that paper, she tells us:

I trusted him to figure out that he should take the Lexington Avenue subway down, and the 34th Street crosstown bus home. If he couldn’t do that, I trusted him to ask a stranger. And then I even trusted that stranger not to think, “Gee, I was about to catch my train home, but now I think I’ll abduct this adorable child instead.” Long story short: My son got home, ecstatic with independence.

SUNDAY MAIL: “So Would You Let Your Nine-Year-Old Travel Home Solo In City Rush Hour?”

To Glasgow, where the paper is investigating is this is wrong or not so wrong?

SCOTS psychologist Ros Taylor insists Lenore did nothing wrong – and “we should all be preparing our kids to become independent adults”. You can trust the word of a sports psychologist.

“We all think about Madeleine McCann and hear of kids being locked in a basement for years. But they’re actually at greater risk of being in a car accident – yet we insist on driving them everywhere.”

McCann and Fritzl. It’s Tabloid Bingo.

And cars are dangerous. Cars are paedos on wheels with leatherette interiors. And let’s not get started on paedos in cars…

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