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Obama And The International Get Whitey Bump

by | 15th, June 2008

FEAR of a black planet:

Michelle and I actually had a conversation about getting whitey at the first annual International Black Get Whitey Conference. It was a wonderful event. All the help was white and everyone treated them really, really badly. There were cupcakes with an image of Farrakhan dribbled on the icing. Delicious!..

After Jeremiah Wright’s invocation damning white people to hell and a complimentary screening of “Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song,” we got down to business…

Of course, there were embarrassing choruses of “Kill Whitey” from the gallery, but in the spirit of Martin Luther King, they were quickly silenced. “After all,” an afro-sporting Condoleeza Rice admonished, “we are not Republicans, for God’s sake.” (Oh yes; she’s been pretending all along. It IS a wig.)

The Jews do the catering…


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