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Daily Mirror And Moves To Ban Alcohol For Under 21s

by | 17th, June 2008

drunk2.jpg“SHOULD it be illegal for under-12s to buy booze?” asks the Mirror.

YES,” says Theresa Cave, a woman whose son was stabbed to death by a drunk.

NO,” says Frank Sodeen, head of public affairs alcohol concern, whose son has not been stabbed to death by a drunk.

The Mirror says the Scottish government is set to announce a ban on under 21s buying alcohol in shops. So no matter what Theresa or Frank think, Scottish politicos know best.

And we should support their decision. The facts are awful. Did you know that 8,072 teenage drinkers were admitted to hospital last year.

Shocking stuff, even for the Mirror which forgets to note that not all teens buy their alcopops from the offie.

The Guardian reports that a 28-year-old journalist, understood to have been working for local news agency South West News Service on a piece for the Daily Mirror, “has been cautioned by police for supplying 16-year-olds with cider and alcopops during a photoshoot in Gloucestershire for an underage drinking campaign”.

They supplied alcohol to a group of teenagers, who were later involved in a brawl that left one youth in a coma for “weeks afterward”, according to Avon and Somerset Police…

Just hours after the shoot some of them were involved in a “serious disorder incident”, said the police, which is still under investigation.

The incident occurred on February 8 at Stoke Gifford, South Gloucestershire, and resulted in two teenagers being taken to hospital with one of those injured in a coma.

“The community is totally shocked with the serious nature of the assault,” said neighbourhood policing inspector Simon Ellis.

“The local neighbourhood team share this shock, as this sort of incident is far from common in our area.”You don’t say…


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