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Madeleine McCann: Relocated To The Royal Court

by | 17th, June 2008

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THE TIMES: Relocated at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London SW1

Yesterday, the Telegraph’s Charles Spencer reviewed the play Relocated and thought of Madeleine McCann, the Soham murders and Josef Fritzl. He left out Shannon Matthews. Can the Times’ Sam Marlow do better at Tabloid Bingo!?

Anthony Neilson’s new play, written during the rehearsal period and finished just days before its opening, is claustrophobic and clotted with menace. It’s performed, in the author’s horribly compelling production, behind a black gauze, which turns from opaque to transparent with lighting changes.

It’s as though we can see through walls, glimpsing the terrors that can occur inside seemingly commonplace homes. It’s a nightmarish vision that calls to mind not just the recent Josef Fritzl case, but also Fred West, the Soham murders and the abductions of Madeleine McCann and Shannon Matthews.

And a Fred West – Bingo!

DAILY RECORD: “Mccanns Alert Plea”

MADELEINE McCann’s parents will visit Strasbourg today to drum up support for a Europe-wide child abduction alert system. Gerry and Kate McCann, from Rothley in Leicestershire, still have to persuade 182 MEPs to sign up before July 20.Spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry are confident this can be achieved but they accept there’s a lot to be done.”

THE HERALD: McCanns lobby MEPs to win support for child abduction alert system

The couple visited Brussels in April to launch their campaign and have gained the signatures of 211 MEPs so far. They hope their presence at the other European Parliament building will help them reach the 393 mark.

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