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Chris Martin And Coldplay Are New Labour’s Poppins

by | 17th, June 2008

poppins-blair-martin.pngCHRIS Martin, front man of the Coldplay – the sound of new Labour – is talking to the Sun’s Gordon Smart:

“We grew up with Mary Poppins and all those sort of things,” says Martin.

Smart says the film supernanny is the “inspiration for the band’s spectacular concerts”.

Come see the middle-aged fans arriving in youthful-like high spirits. Come see the fans sat in neat orderly lines, taking their medicine and imbibing something sweet. Come see the fans having a jolly time and making it home for tea and scones and beddingtons.

Smart thinks this is just terrific and says: “One highlight will be a different version of their first massive hit, Yellow, which the lads play as is they are busking in a Tube station.”

And at £38.50 a toss, well worth it…

* Says Mick Hume:

If everything is supposed to have changed in Britain since Tony Blair was in his pomp, how come bloody Coldplay are still No1? Their Chris Martin was the frontman for “Blairpop” – a generation of bland, well-mannered “rock” bands without a rock’n’roll bone in their healthy-living bodies, who rose to the top under new Labour.

In 2005, when the singer sent Mr Blair a love note declaring: “I think everything you’re doing in terms of trying to sort the whole place out is BRILLIANT”, I called Martin “the musician that the Prime Minister always wanted to be, a prefect in the school of rock”. They shared an appearance of being all things to all men, with little real heart or soul behind it.

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