Anorak News | Big Brother 9: Mikey Hughes’ Blindsight For Bum Chums

Big Brother 9: Mikey Hughes’ Blindsight For Bum Chums

by | 18th, June 2008

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ANORAK does not wish to offend, but might it be that Big Brother housemate Michael ‘Mikey’ Hughes, is just pretending to be blind? The Star says that the “saucy Scot gropes the girls”.

The housemate is “getting the most action in the house because he keeps grabbing the girls’ bums.”

Readers wonder if Mikey is mistaking posteriors various for household objects? Does Kat’s bumpy backside resemble his copy of Hale & Pace Do Wales? Is Lisa’s bum the same size and texture as Mickey’s front door? Is Alexandra’s tush easily confused with a Bolognese sandwich?


Show evictee Stephanie McMichael tells Star readers: “He would be standing around and I would feel a hand on my arse and it would be him. He’d be like ‘oops sorry’ and 10 minutes later he’s doing it again.”

The logical explanation is that Mikey has mistaken Stephanie’s arse for a pet greyhound or a bannister rail.

But we do wonder if Mickey is showing sighs of blindsight, the phenomena that allows a blind person to ‘see’ the facial expression on the person before them?

Might it thus be that Mikey is no serial bum groper but just reading Mario’s face?
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