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One Of Our Trampolines Is Missing

by | 18th, June 2008

trampoline.jpgIN JERSEY four separate trampoline mats have now been stolen in the last fortnight.

And in the garden of the Kidson family, York, Harvey waits.

In a scene the Express says “could have some straight out of Colditz” Harvey the bull terrier bounds onto the trampoline and in a bounces clear of the garden fence.

Anorak looked away from teh film when the incarcerated squaddies bounced clear of the Nazis’ barbed wire, but hears Kommandant Laura, mother to Chloe and (you name your dog after a person and your child…) Cole, say: “He’s something of an escape artist and has got out before.”

Had only Harvey saved it for Britian’s Got Talent, his escapology would have knocked them bandy.

But above all this the Anorak wonders which is the sadder: realising that your dog would do anything to escape; or the picture of the children stood in a bounceless trampoline?

Express readers may care to consider which horror the German guards at Colditz would have preferred as a means of cruel and unusual punishment…

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