Anorak News | Is Waxing Lyrical About ‘Terrorist’ Samina Malik A Crime?

Is Waxing Lyrical About ‘Terrorist’ Samina Malik A Crime?

by | 18th, June 2008

samina-malik.jpgTHE Sun looks at the Lyrical Terrorists, Samina Malik, who was given a nine-month suspended sentence for gathering information that could help terrorists.

The Sun says Malik “scrawled her extremist messages on till receipts while she worked at WH Smith at Heathrow”.

On appeal, her sentence has been overturned, deemed unsafe.

And rightly so. For one thing, if it was a crime to write poems called How To Behead and The Living Martyr, it was a thought crime. And who but the insane have not fantasised about breaking the law?

Secondly, Malik worked at the WH Smiths, stood among the Robert Ludlum bestsellers and soft porn mags, looking at the puke buckets stuffed with Cadbury’s Cream eggs and wondering how she’d eat hers – a quick slice to the top, no doubt.

And this was not just any Smiths but the one in Heathrow, a place hermitically sealed from the elements, the senses impacted by manmade air, pan pipe music and fat-faced kids buying huge plastic head-sized M& Ms stuffed with sugar.

If any place were to conjure dark thoughts of death and destruction, beyond the Isle of White, Switzerland and the Deal or No Deal studio it is Heathrow Airport.

Plotting mayhem helps to get you through the day…

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