Anorak News | Euro 2008: Swiss Pay Tribute To Germany’s Nazi Past

Euro 2008: Swiss Pay Tribute To Germany’s Nazi Past

by | 18th, June 2008

SWITZERLAND – a land where euthanasia is legal: 

Swiss television has made an embarrassing error during live coverage of the European Championship football match between Germany and Austria.

The national channel SRG ran subtitles to Germany’s national anthem including the obsolete first verse – ignored since the fall of the Third Reich.

“Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles” or “Germany, Germany above everything”, was popular under the Nazis’ rule.

The third verse, on its own, became the anthem following unification in 1990.

The third verse, which begins “unity and justice and liberty for the German fatherland”, was sung by Germans in the west of the country after World War II.

And that verse alone became the official anthem after East and West Germany unified.

Tsk! Kan’t ve all just learn to leeve in peace..!? Cue the music, Mel…

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