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A Slow News Day In Bournemouth

by | 19th, June 2008

snail-mail.jpgSLOW times in Bournemouth where disabled armed robber Kevin Staples is at the till.

As the Mail reports:

He had hobbled up to the counter at the gift shop Past Times, in Crawley, West Sussex produced a 12-inch bread knife and demanded the cashier empty the till.

He is then said to have “tried to lunge” towards the till.

But when the shop assistant shouted at him he carefully put the weapon in a bag hanging on his zimmer frame before hobbling out.

No joy in Crawley. But in Bournemouth…

Two days previously, he had help up a Bottoms Up off-licence in Bournemouth, Dorset, by waving a walking stick in the air.

He told staff: “Give me all the money from the safe or I’m going to batter you.” When an assistant said he did not have access to the safe or till, Staples mumbled ‘give me some fags then’ before hobbling out of the shop with the stick.

In other Bournemouth news, a “slow art” project called Real Snail Mail at Bournemouth University, features Muriel, Austin and Cecil, “snails for the electronic age”:

The gastropods have been fitted with equipment to allow them to send e-mails on behalf of visitors to a website. Instead of instantaneous communication, sent messages will travel at 0.03mph (0.05km/h) and could take days, weeks or even months to arrive.

And what news? Why, a man in the offie is brandishing a stick and threatening…

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