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The Poker Book Myth

by | 19th, June 2008

CAN you learn to play poker from a book?

If poker theory as useful as poker practical?

Daniel Negreanu has new book out. It’s titled “Power Hold’em Strategy”.

It says here: “You’ll learn how to play hold’em with cards you never would have played before — and with fantastic results.”

The blurb stop just short of: read this and win-win-win at poker, but there will be “fantastic results”. So maybe…

Negreanu is little less bold:

“When you apply the advice we’ve given you to your own game, I have no doubt that you will improve rapidly. Equally important, this book should help you understand the mindset of small-ball players so that when you face off against one, you won’t be confused by his approach. Instead, you will be able to exploit him.”

In other words: with this book you will have a bit more knowledge then Joe Shmo and should defeat him.

Unless, of course, he’s read Hold’em Wisdom for all Players by Daniel Negreanu or More Hold’em Wisdom for all Players by Daniel Negreanu.

Or played online, like Marc Coupar, who has ditched his career to become a pro poker player.

Says he: “It started out as just a hobby but pretty much from the start I was winning a lot. I read a few theory books but I’ve just honed my own style of play and it has been really successful.

You can learn to player from books? But can you learn to be any good..?

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