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Amy Winehouse Catches Tony Blair

by | 20th, June 2008

tb.jpgAMY Winehouse has the “classic sings of TB”.

Who on reading that does not think that Winehouse has taken on the characteristics of Tony Blair?

Of course Tony has never billed himself as TB, for much the same reason that the Beckhams do not have “VD” embroidered into their car headrests.

But the link between Winehouse and Blair is not diminished by reading the Sun’s headline in full: “Coughing up blood, no appetite, weight loss…Amy has the classic sings of TB.”

She’s now in hospital, where she will be for 40 days and 40 nights.

That his name bears the initials of a disease cannot have escaped Tony Blair.

Anorak’s own Paul Sorene long believed that many letters contained an addendum meant only for him. “PS – I love you” being the most enjoyed.

Other initials of note:

GB – Gordon Brown. How were his policies on Great Britishness shaped by his initials?

PC – “PC gone mad”. “Do they mean me?” asks Patrick Cormack, Conservative MP for South Staffordshire

CD – Lord Clinton-Davis, spokesman for C. Difficile, the hospital superbug

JOB – Baroness Jay of Paddington, Labour House of Lords J.O.B champion

JP – John Prescott, Justice of The Peace

SH – Saddam Hussein can rest assured that his name lives on in the short code for Southampton Airport

EW – No, Eddie Windsor, the US celebrity organ is not named after you, it’s Entertainment Weekly; or an Each Way bet

And many, many more…

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