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A Web Chat With President Jintao Hu

by | 21st, June 2008

CHINA’S President Jintao Hu has embarced freedom of expression by answering questions posed by the netizens.

It’s an online chat with members of the People’s Daily’s ‘Strong Country’ online forum. Ask him a questions. Go on, ask him anything you like:

The questions he answered:

1. Do you use the Internet?
2. What do you do on the Internet?
3. Netizens have put up a lot of suggestions about the country; do you read them?

And some questions Mr Hu never got around to answering – with no hint of irony:

– Are you angry with the harsh questions posted on the forum?
– What do think of the 93% support rate for your government?
– What is your comment on the performance of the Chinese people in the face of disasters this year?

All question writers will be tracked down and shaken by the hand until quite sorry…

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