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The Great British Phone Box Survey

by | 24th, June 2008

phoneboxes.jpgTHE Daily Express would like readers to know what is “THE VERY BEST OF BRITISH”.

The feature is illustrated with a picture of Great British red phone box, home to the Great British urine puddle, the Great British drunk, the Great British tart card and the Great British vandal.

The Express says the red phone box is the fifth thing respondents to a survey love best about Britain – “But it seems we still love the Queen’s English – if only we could find anyone who still speaks it…” It’s our Great British hospitality.

“Our favourite things include all the nostalgic symbols of a bygone Britain, like old-fashioned pubs, Sunday roasts, red telephone boxes, Big Ben and cream teas.”

Lumme! Has Big Ben gone the way of the roast mutton luncheon, sweet sherry for the ladies and scones with jam before cream and not the new fangled cream before jam?

Says one Andrew Smith (great British name) of the results: “Although we knock it, Britain is still great. Get out and enjoy it.”

Anorak was no surveyed and only now can bring you its Top British List:

The Great British Knife Fight
The Great British Bubble Car
The Great British cleft pallet
The Great British Black-and-White Minstrels
The Great British Eyelid and Tumour Sausage…

The Express TOP 50:

1 Fish and chips. 2 The Queen. 3 Old-fashioned pubs. 4 Sunday roast. 5 Red phone boxes. 6 Big Ben. 7 Cream teas. 8 The Beatles. 9 The pound. 10 Royal Family. 11 Buckingham Palace. 12 Shakespeare. 13 Black cabs. 14 NHS. 15 James Bond. 16 Routemaster buses. 17 Cheddar Cheese. 18 The Houses of Parliament. 19 Manchester United. 20 Ant and Dec. 21 Stephen Fry. 22 Cornish Pasties. 23 Monty Python. 24 Tower of London. 25 Aston Martin. 26 BBC. 27 Stonehenge. 28 Cricket. 29 Wimbledon. 30 Glastonbury. 31 Camden Market. 32 Blackpool. 33 Mini Coopers. 34 JK Rowling. 35 Edinburgh Festival. 36 Scrumpy cider. 37 Concorde. 38 Yorkshire pud. 39 Queen’s English. 40 Real ale. 41 Pimms. 42 Jaguar E-type. 43 David Bowie. 44 Prince Harry. 45 Harrods. 46 Ice cream vans. 47 The Red Arrows. 48 Margaret Thatcher. 49 Covent Garden. 50 Morris Dancers.

* Old Mr Anorak will this week be working his way through the list, beginning with a slap up feed of cod a la nation and ending with his nurse hailing the Morris Dancer’s wagon and heading towards the Great British stomach pump…

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