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Summer Strikes For Improved Worker Health

by | 24th, June 2008

rubbish.jpg“SUMMER OF THE STRIKERS,” screams the Mail.

The paper says the strikers’ “first action is likely to be a two-day stoppage next month which will see 800,000 staff – from binmen to classroom assistants – called out.” (The figure is 600,000 in the Sun.)

“TEACHERS STRIKE IN SCHOOL HOLIDAYS” might not be the most sensational headline, but it is grim news to the Mail, which also fails to say how you can tell when dustmen are on strike.

Meanwhile over on the Express, binmen, teaching assistants and asylum seekers learn: “SUNSHINE KEY TO LONG LIFE.”

News is that “just 25 minutes outdoors – without suncream – would do everyone some good.”

Two days in the sun may be overdoing it and running the risk of cancer (see Daily Mail)…

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