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James Hansen’s Climate Change Prediction

by | 24th, June 2008

CLIMATE Sceptic looks at James Hansen:

Apparently a number of papers are “commemorating” today the 20th anniversary of James Hansen’s speech before Congress warning of catastrophic man-made global warming. So let’s indeed commemorate it. Here is the chart from the appendices of Hansen’s speech showing his predictions for man-made global warming:


I have helpfully added in red the actual temperature history, as measured by satellite, over the last 20 years (and scale-shifted to match the base anomaly in Hansens graph). Yes, 2008 has been far colder than 1988. We have seen no warming trend in the last 10 years, and temperatures have undershot every one of Hansen’s forecasts. He thought the world would be a degree C warmer in 20 years, and it is not. Of course, today, he says the world will warm a degree in the next 20 years — the apocalypse never goes away, it just recesses into the future.

The end is nigh-ish…


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