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Barack Obama’s Little Queen Of Spades

by | 24th, June 2008

IN Las Vegas for the WSOP, Barack Obama arrives.

There is no escape. But what’s that in his pocket?

The Obama campaign is in Vegas for a “Change That Works for You” rally.

Change is what Obama is about. He talks about change all the time. He never changes talking about change and may only change when the change has come.

Before Vegas, Obama has been in New Mexico, where he’s asked what lucky charms he carries on him.

“I try to select a number on any given day,” says Obama, who
changes his lucky charms, as he must.

During the course of the campaign, he says he has collected “probably 50, maybe 100″ good luck trinkets, including, we trust, Anorak’s lucky badger’s head.

His spokesman Robert Gibbs then asks Obama if he could borrow the lucky poker chip for the evening’s trip to Vegas. “I might let you take it down,” says Obama.

Ok, with some jokes, a little embellishment and a punchline, it might make good anecdote. But the point is not so much that Obama relies of superstition for victory, but that he would lend anyone his lucky token.

As Robert Johnson told us:

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