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Rachel Johnson’s Fashionably Latte

by | 25th, June 2008

BORIS Johnson’s sister has a book out. It’s called Notting Hell – “Our neighbours divide into the haves … and the have-yachts,” is the best line.

It’s a book that can read and understood by the comments of they who like it:

Jilly Copper calls it “shiveringly brilliant”.
“Sharp, funny and knowing – I loved it” – India Knight

Boris’s sister has also written a book called Shire Hell.

There are only three rules when it comes to publishing a chick lit book – the cover must be in pastel, the writing must be in freehand and the title must be an appalling pun.

Here are 10 that Kathy Lette and Johnson haven’t used. Yet.

Fashionably Latte

Uterus And Them

A Manhattan Cock Tale

Clitoral Translation

A Woman’s Right To Shoes

Womb Service

Anti-Natal Classes

Ova And Out

Venus Envy

A Muff Is A Muff

All available in paperback just as soon as Anorak can write them…  

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