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Arsonists Welcome The Recyclable Bicycle

by | 27th, June 2008

IN The Times there’s: “Fully recyclable, the bike made out of cardboard.”

Yes, that’s right, a recyclable bike that can be made into paper and, if it rains, papier-mâché. It’s a big improvement on those old-fashioned metal bikes that can be recycled into kettles, foil, more bikes, hat pins, dustbins, pans, pots, staples, armour, scouring pads, hangers, springs, interesting conversation pieces….

A student of industrial design has made a working £15 bicycle out of industrial-strength cardboard. Phil Bridge, 21, of Sheffield Hallam University, said the bike was strong enough for a rider weighing up to 12 stones and would not go soft in the rain, although it has a life expectancy of only about six months.

How much energy does it take to recycle a cardboard bike?

The bike is made almost entirely from recyclable and recycled materials, using mechanical parts that can be reused. Mr Bridge said: “The lightweight quality of the cardboard, combined with its low cost, means it’s possible to create a bargain bike that’s also less susceptible to thieves.”

Especially thieves with sweaty palms operating in the rain, and arsonists…

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