Anorak News | Big Brother 9: Dennis McHugh Gobs Off Mohamed And The CPF

Big Brother 9: Dennis McHugh Gobs Off Mohamed And The CPF

by | 28th, June 2008

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FAREWELL DENNIS McHugh, Big Brother’s resident gay who spat in the face of Mohamed, the house’s resident Muslim.

“BIG BROTHER SPITTING STORM,” screams the Mirror from its front page. “Police probe as another contestant is pulled out of house.”

“COPS CALLED IN OVER BB FIGHT,” echoes the Star on its cover, this one illustrated by a shot of the orangey-skinned un-gorgeous Scot Dennis with mouth akimbo.

Who cannot feel for the police forced to sit through hours of Big Brother CCTV, working out who said who to who to who to who to who?

It’s not as if these housemates are celebrities yet.

“If only this were Celebrity Big Brother,” the lads at the nick must moan in the incident suite. “Then we could have our pictures taken with whathisname from Hollyoaks and the bloke who used to be in Dollar.

Best, perhaps, to see it as a training exercise for entry into the Celebrity Police Force (CPF). Today Dennis, tomorrow Amy Winehouse…

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