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David Davis For Freedom On The State’s Terms

by | 28th, June 2008

SAYS David Davis on his blog:

The agenda is still out there: today I have been explaining that I am not against CCTV- but if it is going to be used the cameras should be able to provide clear images and all of the evidence should be usable in court. Currently only 20% is usable. At the moment we just have a placebo effect for Citizen UK.

This is “David Davis For Freedom”, it says so at the top of his page. Freedom loving Davis thinks CCTV cameras are fine but should be better so that the state can see us clearly.

Similarly, why should a million innocent people and 100,000 children be kept on the DNA database? This is the state exceeding its powers.

Can the two things be allied?

Is David Davis opposed to 42 days detention without trial because it’s not long enough?

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