Anorak News | Charlie Beckett: Left Wing Bloggers Are Dull

Charlie Beckett: Left Wing Bloggers Are Dull

by | 28th, June 2008

POLITICAL bloggers:

It seems to me that the Leftwing blogosphere is as knackkered as Gordon Brown’s poll ratings.

I have just been to (half – I had to get back home early, I am a single parent) a meeting where Sunny Hundal had been trying to find common ground with a group of leftish bloggers.

At times it felt like a digital re-enactment of that scene in Life of Brian: “No we’re the people’s front of Judea” etc.

The Online Socialists have various problems.

No-one reads them. Guido Fawkes and his wicked Right-wing pals are far more entertaining and they know how to write for an online audience: scurriously, succinctly, directly. They are much more committed and actually contribute facts, stories and vitriol to the debate.

It’s about vanity…

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