Anorak News | Polar Bear Watch: Frightened Out Of Its Skin

Polar Bear Watch: Frightened Out Of Its Skin

by | 29th, June 2008

POLAR Bear Watch: Anorak’s look at polar bears in the news

A polar bear caused panic in a park filled with children in northern Canada Wednesday before it was shot and killed, reports reaching here said.

The incident happened at Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Parklocated in the suburbs of Iqaluit, capital city of the Nunavat Territory. About 37 kids from a nearby school were having a picnic there, besides other visitors.

Polar bears are endangered:

Conservation officer Johnny Nowdlak skinned the polar bear and doled out the skin and meat to nearby residents. He estimated that it was male, about 10 years old. It appeared to be healthy and was likely looking for food in the park, he said.

Not all that healthy. They’re endangered, don’t yer know…

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