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The Death Of Big Brother

by | 30th, June 2008

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“BIG Brother This Is The End,” announces the Star on its cover.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, the death of Big Brother.

Says a BB source said: “This lot are out of control. There’s a real fear the show will not make it to the end of its run.” The fear felt among the Star’s hacks which make a living from the show is real.

But it can’t end like this, with Alex De Gale making idle threats and Dennis spitting. We demand real that threats are real and carried out to the letter.

If Big Brother is to go out with bang, let is be a bang as Alex runs amuck killing all her fellow housemates in an orgy and Dennis spits poison darts into their eyes.

This would bring the show to its logical conclusion and also prevent the EU celebrity mountain getting too big and threatening a body slide that would engulf us all in a seething mass of hissy fits, spite and bodily fluids…

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