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Good Clean Fun With Glasto, Euro and Brillo

by | 30th, June 2008

EURO 2008 is at an end and the papers have had to make do with the lack of rioting, anthem booing and stories of police brutality with news of a football match.

An image of Spain’s Fernando Torres celebrating his decisive goal in the Euro 2008 final occupies the front pages of the Star, Guardian, Sun, and the Times.

He is so very clean.

On the cover of the Telegraph there is also a picture of goings on at Glastonbury, a sea of smiling and above all clean faces giving full throat to the music.

Inside, and the Telegraph has a report from Glasto by London Mayor Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson.

As dawn breaks on my first Glastonbury morning, I find myself wandering through a still-sleeping encampment like Henry V before the Battle of Agincourt.

Hard to imagine that before glorious battle the legions were so well scrubbed.

Given the mud and the tension with Wino at Glasto and Fernando at Euro, Anorak marvels at the cleanliness of the main players who seem to have been washed by brillo.

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