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Kevin Ruud’s War On Hypocrisy

by | 30th, June 2008

ANDREW Bolt looks at Kevin Ruud’s war record:

Here’s Kevin Rudd in Brisbane this weekend, speaking to a welcome-home parade for troops from Iraq:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd thanked them for a magnificent job.

“Today the Australian nation says thank you to you the men and women of the Australian Defence Force,’’ he said.

“Freedom is not for free – freedom comes at a price and you are our front line in the defence of our freedom.’’

And this:

I have seen you take the great name of Australia to that troubled land and advance the great name of Australia even further

But here is Rudd last year, on the election stump, scaring up votes:
By anyone’s measure, the Iraq war has failed – and the fallout has been devastating. Four years after the invasion of Iraq, fighting still rages across the country, weapons of mass destruction remain elusive and terrorism has only escalated. According to estimates, the war has killed 71,000 Iraqi civilians (and possibly as many as 600,000) and forced another 2 million to flee their homeland; so far over 3,500 US troops have died, as well as over 150 British and 120 allied soldiers – and the death toll keeps rising. Far from making us safer in the post 9/11 era, Australia’s military involvement in the war has made us an even greater terrorist target.

(From the Labor website, but the article has now been removed.)

Freedom comes at a price…

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