Anorak News | Police Log: Muggers Sues Victim For Damage To Bike

Police Log: Muggers Sues Victim For Damage To Bike

by | 30th, June 2008

IN Cambridge, a mugger’s bike has been buckled by his victim’s mobility scooter:

The bungling street robber ambushed Pauline Pesci who was heading towards Milton from her home in Hazelwood Close, Cambridge.

Coming up from behind her on a bicycle, the thief attempted to grab Pauline’s purse. But his efforts were thwarted as the purse was firmly secured to the indicator bar on her disabled transport device. Instead of making off with his illicit gains he was pulled under her wheels and his bike mangled.

Pauline said: “My purse was hooked up to my scooter and I was heading towards the footbridge in Milton when this chap on a bike came up behind and tried to grab my purse.

“He couldn’t get it off and tried to wrench it really hard. He was wrestling with it and pulled my scooter into his bike which came off a lot worse than my mobility scooter.

“Then he had the cheek to say, ‘Look what you’ve done to my bike?’ and said I should pay for the damage.
“I’m afraid I swore at him and said, ‘What do you expect trying to steal my purse’. I told him to go and just left him there with the front wheel of his bike totally buckled.


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