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Euro 2008 With Adrian Chiles, Professional Football Fan

by | 1st, July 2008

“THEY were coarse, noisy, excited and exuded a slight air of menace. That’s what football’s all about.”

So says BBC football presenter Adrian Chiles, writing in the Sun, on those Russian fans upholding the spirit of England.

This is Chiles “who loved Euro 2008 …despite the corporate circus”.

“The trouble with the tournament,” laments Chiles, from his airplane seat, “is that, the longer is goes on, the less it seems to be for proper football fans”. Corporate types in football. “Mad, mad, mad, mad,” says Chiles.

This is Chiles who writes for News International (part owner of the Australian National Rugby League, investor in the Premier League; former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers; sometime stake holder Manchester United, Leeds, Chelsea, Sunderland and Manchester City).

This is Chiles who works for the British Broadcasting, er, Corporation, which is sending 437 staff to cover the Beijing Olympics, the one that features about 300 British athletes…

This is Chiles speaking our against the corporate swine…

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