Anorak News | Italy And The Daily Mail’s War On Gypsies

Italy And The Daily Mail’s War On Gypsies

by | 1st, July 2008

OVER in Italy, Roberto Maroni, the country’s interior minister, plans to fingerprint all Romany children.

It’s a repugnant idea, but one the Mail wants its readers to think about and place in context.

“Is this proof Italy does need to crack down on gypsy immigrants?” asks the paper’s headline.

Readers see a picture of a pickpocket dipping into a victim’s bag. He is “probably a Roma”. Another picture of a young Artful Dodger at work and the Mail says that he and this other are “almost certainly the offspring of Roma gypsies”.

Anorak processes the pictures with its Comfi-Purge kit and taking into account the head measurements, the angle of gait and skin tones, identifies them as two half-black, Jewish dwarves with Islamic tendencies…

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