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Dead Calm Birth: Nicole Kidman Flauts James Galway

by | 1st, July 2008

THE new OK!-styled Daily Mail reports that Nicole Kidman is compiling a birthing CD for the occasion of the arrival of her first born.

And who is on the list? Why none other than himself, James Galway:

“Nicole has been putting together CDs of music to listen to during labour. She has always loved James Galway, particularly his classical albums. Whenever you go to her house, she has Galway on. There is one Prokofiev sonata that is her favourite.”

What joy is must be to live with Kidman, a bit like being stuck in a lift with a taller Anthea Tuner.

This is the Galway, who appeared on TV shows in the 70s and early 80s to remind the watching millions that not all bearded men were the Yorkshire Ripper and not all bearded Irishmen led the Provos.

For those of you not au fait with Galway’s oeuvre, Anorak does the research that matters and in the section marked “Controversy” on his Wikipedia bio, finds that Galway:

Despite media speculation, Galway is indifferent between the terms “flautist” and “flute player” although he has been quoted as saying, “I am a flute player, not a flautist. I don’t have a flaut, and I’ve never flauted.” In later interviews, he laughed this off as a publicity stunt.

This is the work certainly of a great parodist. And we should laugh hard and heartily, were there not the worry that Kidman takes offence and endures labour with her tape unready…

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