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Madeleine McCann: Allison Pearson Demands And Fact Checking Kate And Gerry McCann

by | 2nd, July 2008

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Madeleine McCann is retuned to the front pages.

DAILY MAIL (front page): “ALLISON PEARSON ON THE McCANNS… If the Portuguese police had a shred of decency they would now make a public apology to Kate and Gerry”

Page 5: “Now clear out names”

Before the Mail’s columnist can voice an opinion – and what is the case of Madeleine McCann but one of opinion upon opinion – time to go over the fact that has been established in 14 months of reporting (a child is missing) and hear the McCann plead their innocence.

Oh, there is one other fact: the “McCanns are “both 40”. Remember that.

PEARSON: “The Maddie detectives must now apologise”

Now it seems the spectacularly incompetent Inspector Cluesnos are ready to admit they have no evidence against the McCanns

Yeah, those hapless amateurs. If only the Portuguese wooden tops were more like the British tabloid hacks who root their maybes in Portuguese press reports and hunches. What of Robert Murat?

Now, thank heavens, the ordeal of the inquiry is nearing an end. Nothing can make up for the loss of Madeleine, but at least the family can continue their lives without the poisonous cloud of suspicion hanging over them. It’s the least they deserve.

Yes, an apology will remove any doubt. Bring in the PIs. It’ll be over by Christmas. Case closed.


Pearson of the Mail demands it. Now the Sun demands it. Can the call be resisted?

Page 7: “Little Madeleine McCann’s parents last night faced the nightmare possibility that they could remain suspects FOREVER”

Says the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell, who may have a job for life:

If the case closes, who will hunt for Madeleine? And if Kate and Gerry’s arguido suspect status isn’t removed they will live under a cloud of suspicion. That is both immoral and inhumane… There are people in Portugal who have been arguidos for decades

Page 8: “End the agony – The nightmare goes on for tormented Kate and Gerry McCann”

“But it is clear to the whole world that they are innocent of any sinister act against their precious little girl”

At least the Sun and its readers know the truth and will not point fingers.

DAILY MIRROR (page 7): “”Maddy case to close with out charges”

Case not closed yet.

The 426-day police investigation into the four-year-old’s case ended yesterday

Case Closed.

Says a source: “If the case is shut without charges being brought, they cannot be arguidos, suspects, any more”.

Tell that to Clarence Mitchell (see above).

What of the facts?

Gerry McCann, a heart specialist, is “39”. Gerry is also 39 in the Sun.

Such are the facts.


So says Clarence Mitchell.

Readers learn that police want to “shelves the case”. It is not yet closed.

Kate and Gerry are “both 40”


Is she deemed no longer newsworthy by this esteemed organ? Or are there other reasons for her absence?

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