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AP Is Watching Bloggers

by | 2nd, July 2008

Business Week looks at how the big publishers are watching the bloggers:

The AP, a not-for-profit news cooperative owned by thousands of subscriber newspapers, has been using a system from Redwood City (Calif.)-based startup Attributor. Like other content recognition systems, Attributor’s software extracts a small digital fingerprint—a string of bits unique to a given article, song, or video—and collects them in a database. Then it continually crawls billions of Web sites and blogs, much as Google does when a user launches a search, to detect where that fingerprint recurs. In the recent incident, AP had unearthed instances where its content—at times whole articles—was posted to the liberal-leaning Web site Drudge Retort. Other Attributor customers include Thomson Reuters (TRI), Condé Nast Publications’ CondéNet, and the Canadian Press. The AP and Attributor declined to comment on the incident.

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