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Indians Paid To Use The Toilet

by | 7th, July 2008

OTHER than a side street in Rhyl and Bournemouth’s pedestrianised hub, the only place Anorak has witnessed a human being emptying their bowel on the street is in Indian.

Now we learn that residents in southern India are being paid to use the toilet. Spend a penny to earn a penny.

In Musiri, a town in Tamil Nadu, toilet goers are paid 10 paise (around 0.8 pence) for each “visit”. The doings are entered on a loyalty card.

But what of this score card? Are the locals paid for attendance or is the pay performance-related? Do you earn only if you go? And is consideration given to volume, duration and substance?

British council suits eyeing the scheme with interests may care to note that around 250 litres of urine is every day used as a crop fertiliser.

Given the typical Indian’s vegetable and tea-based diet, is that country’s urine of a higher grade than the British urine, it being of two parts alcopop to one part diet coke and lager?

And should British urine be distilled and turned into, say, Australian beer, golden chip batter or a boating lake?

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