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The Ninja Ant’s War On The War On Terror

by | 8th, July 2008

DO you know the Ninja Ant, address “Parliament Square Peace Camp”?

A court has heard that the “peace campaigner” was caught near Downing Street just as he was about to stab himself in protest at the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Miss Isobel Ascherson, prosecuting, says that when interviewed (Mr) Ninja Ant said he “had been on a camping trip… and acquired a knife to maintain his outdoor lifestyle and had forgotten he had it on him.”

He was detained for a second time, allegedly found in a public toilet in Leicester Square wearing a plaster cast with dozens of metal spikes taped to it to “protect his (injured) arm”.

Says Ascherson: “There are medical records showing he required it … but he had taped around that plaster caste something like 45 one inch white metal spikes sticking out.”

C’est la guerre…

Mr Ant denies all allegations.


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