Anorak News | Daily Wail: Bad Medicine, Recession And A Mole

Daily Wail: Bad Medicine, Recession And A Mole

by | 8th, July 2008

THE Daily Wail. Each days the Mail searches, scouring medical reports and research notes for news, and finally its quests bears dividends:

“Straw backtacks on knife offenders” – Ouch

“How four cups of coffee a day can harm your hopes of a baby” – Stick to alcopops and beer goggles

“The midlife crisis…at 30”

“Recession could start in months, say bosses” – Well, it could

“THE CHURCH OF NAVEL-GAZER – Children stabbed on our streets, the family under threat and all our national Church can do is indulge in an orgy of introspection” – Stephen Glover on orgies in the church

“Dummies may cause earache” – Tell Tom Cruise

“I begged my husband for years to see a doctor about the mole on his back..but when he finally went, it was too late” – By Angela Carless

“Heart attacks, suicides… yet the dangers were kept secret. So how CAN you trust your medicine?” – You can’t

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