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Big Brother Sex Dolls

by | 9th, July 2008

BIG Brother 9 Watch: Anorak’s looks at Big Brother news in the media…

“BIG B RUV MAY IS BIG FAKE,” screams the Star’s front-page headline.

Calling someone a fake is just about the most popular insult on Big Brother, and good that the Star has adopted the language of the house as its own.

The paper says that Maysoon Shaladi has been “branded the show’s biggest ever FAKER”.

Anorak looks at Maysson, the glossy hair, the smooth latte-toned skin, the generous lips and the vapid sparking eyes and realises at once that she is an inflatable doll, Big Brother’s first foray into the adult sex market.

For £19.99 (plus £1.99 foot pump), readers can constructs a life-like Maysoon in their bath tub, lounge seating area and designated smoking zone.

Very soon all housemates will be brought to market and readers can replay those epic hissy fits, tantrums and bouts of extreme touchiness in the privacy of their own communal bedroom.

Either that or Maysoon is married…

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