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Burglary Workshops To Fight Crime

by | 9th, July 2008

THE Express brings news that “NOW BURGLARS WILL NOT BE JAILED – Judges told to go even softer.”

In light of this, the Express publishes a picture of man wearing a hooded top breaking into a house.

It does seem entirely fair that if burglary is now deemed a minor offence we should all be versed in it.

Property is theft, and if we can all be trained to steal the system will be perfect with each of us getting to own whatever we choose, albeit for a limited time.

Readers should not the angle of the hooded man’s hands, the bent shard of plastic and his angle of attack.

Says the Express:

Hundreds of thousands of crooks could escape jail every year under the proposals by advisers to the Lord Chief Justice. Those sentenced to short, sharp shock jail terms of less than 12 months for “less serious offences” – including burglary – should be handed community penalties instead, they said.

What the Sentencing Guidelines Council actually said was:

“A presumption in favour of a community order is most likely to be appropriate in relation to the less serious offences of theft and dishonesty, burglary and motoring offences, where there may be clear advantages in a sentence in the community.”

So instead of giving a custodial sentence to one and all, some villains will be given chance to do community work, such as holding burglary workshops…

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