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Iain Dale’s Total Politics Is Heat For Ugly People

by | 9th, July 2008

IAIN Dale, the wannabe MP Tory blogger, is involved in a magazine called Total Politics. Lord Michael Ashcroft’s money is buying:

Total Politics is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to all things political. Our overarching goal is to be unremittingly positive about the political process and to bring you the most interesting, informative and insightful features and commentary from across the UK and the world

It will sell politics to people who have bought a magazine about politics. But what’s unique about it?

Here’s a little of what you can expect from each issue:

Total Lifestyle

Politics is not a job, it’s a way of life. That’s the cliché and Total Politics will live up to its name and provide its readers with a mixture of serious and light-hearted features, and columns to keep you totally up-to-date on new trends and releases. With stress busting activities when you just want to turn off from politics. We will provide you with sartorial tips including what suits to choose, how to wear them and who’s wearing what in our Political Fashion column.

It’s heat magazine for ugly people, read by, well, who?

Total Campaigns

Getting elected doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work; pounding pavements, canvassing voters, attending church fetes, and yes, kissing babies. But with each passing election campaigning has become more complicated. Two years ago Facebook wasn’t even a familiar term, but today it’s become the bread and butter of some of the most hard-fought campaigns.

Total Campaigns will provide practical advice for you to implement on the ground written by some of our most seasoned political consultants in both the UK and the US. Whether it’s a guide to building a local coalition, handling negative information, delivering a successful speech, or a review of the latest campaign web-gadget Total Campaigns will provide you with the knowledge you need to run a state of the art campaign.

It’s a how to guide to be a politico. But, alas, no free ring binder with issue one of your ten-year policy.

Total Culture

Beyond the corridors of power there’s a wealth of culture, and part of our job is to keep you up to date with what’s going on across the country. If you’re searching for the ideal spot for a business lunch or can’t decide which film or play to see or book to read our reviews will help.

Total culture isn’t just about high brow reviews- with increasingly hectic schedules we appreciate that most politicians won’t be able to keep up with popular culture, but we’re sure you’d like to. Total Politics will provide you with a round-up of the months’ popular culture to keep your finger on the nation’s pulse.

Keep up to date with yoof culture by reading a magazine about politics written for wannabe politicians. Brilliant.

How many issues do you give it? Anorak says five…

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