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Barack Obama For Plus Ca Change

by | 9th, July 2008

BARACK Obama is all about change:

“Iran is a great threat. We have to make sure we are working with our allies to apply tightened pressure on Iran… I think what this underscores is the need for us to create a kind of policy that is putting the burden on Iran to change behaviour, and frankly we just have not been able to do that over the last several years” – Barack Obama

Let’s Bomb Iran!

“I’m convinced that a liberated Iraq will be — will be important for that troubled part of the world. The Iraqi people are plenty capable of governing themselves. Iraq is a sophisticated society. Iraq’s got money. Iraq will provide a place where people can see that the Shia and the Sunni and the Kurds can get along in a federation. Iraq will serve as a catalyst for change, positive change” – George W Bush

Let’s bomb Iraq!

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