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Gazza 2008: Bianca Gascoigne’s Tribute To Paul

by | 11th, July 2008

GAZZA 2008 might be over, but the tabloids are still talking about the big summer footy battle, and now its got its first Wag.

Step forward and drop your shorts, Bianca Gascoigne. Says the Star’s front-page headline: “BIANCA – I love dad and he’s doing brilliant.”

Anorak readers versed in the highs and lows of the Gascoigne career, will realise that Bianca’s exposed backside is a tribute to her dad’s dropping of fellow England player Paul Ince’s shorts; her chest might be the same chest Gazza strapped on in his pomp; her over the shoulder look ape’s the filial glance Gazza gave Vinny Jones all those moons ago.

Historians will wonder if Paul ever met Vanessa Feltz, and if he had have done how his career might have panned out.

Bianca is in conversation with the Feltzene one, and here’s what she has to say:

“Bianca Gascoigne is on a high. She’s so excited she’s bubbling over.”

Has she just scored a terrific goal in Euro 1996? Better:

“She’s just given Danielle Lloyd a trouncing on Gladiators. She’s a winner and no-one can take that triumph away from her.”

Bianca’s victory is now part of TV sporting folklore. And right it is that with victory comes the spoils of a centre page pout and pose in the Star.

What has happened to Ms Lloyd can only be feared, but readers should not rule out a post-mortem in Nuts magazine, or her dating Paul Gascoigne…

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