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Police Log: Anorak’s Look at Crime In The News

by | 11th, July 2008

POLICE LOG: Anorak’s look at crime in the news…

Sprits Move Me:

A man says he was so consumed by the spirit of God that he fell and hit his head while worshipping.

Now he wants Lakewind Church to pay $2.5 million for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

THE Sock Snatcher:

James Dowdy has gone to prison three times, and may go there again, for the same crime: burglarizing homes and stealing women’s socks.

Dowdy had been free on bond in one alleged sock caper when police say he was caught with socks that had been taken from someone’s laundry room Monday morning in Belleville, a St. Louis suburb…

Dowdy’s mother, Linda, said he needs to be institutionalized to get psychiatric treatment for the fixation she says has tormented him most of his life. She thinks the fetish took hold when he clung to some of her socks as keepsakes when he was forced to live for a year with his dad as a child.

Sofa, So Bad:

A Russian woman in St Petersburg killed her drunk husband with a folding couch, Russian media reported on Wednesday.

St Petersburg’s Channel Five said the man’s wife, upset with her husband for being drunk and refusing to get up, kicked a handle after an argument, activating a mechanism that folds the couch up against a wall.

Pole Dancing

A stripper who danced on the poles of Santiago subway trains to challenge the prudishness of Chilean society was arrested on Thursday during one of her lightning performances.

Monserrat Morilles, 26, surprised subway riders all week stripping to skimpy underwear, but she refused tips.

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