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Andrew Gold On The Beatification Of Nelson Mandela:

by | 11th, July 2008

ALAN Gold on the beatification of Nelson Mandela:

Since he stepped down from the leadership of a nation with rising tides of crime and infection, his legacy can be divided between the man who ended white racist rule and the failed leader who left South Africa far worse off than when he was elected.

Yet he is still elevated to near sainthood by a largely unquestioning West… Because of the reverence in which he is held, few in the media ask him why it is that he has made a profession of befriending and supporting those dictators who are the declared enemies of the West.

During his time as president, Mandela was a strong supporter of Uganda’s insane dictator Idi Amin, of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, of Hafez al-Assad of Syria, of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, of Fidel Castro of Cuba, of the theocratic leaders of Iran, and many other dictators. This may be viewed as guilt by association, but when he became president and apartheid was demolished as an instrument of government, Mandela rarely publicly acknowledged that it was the sanctions and disinvestment by Western governments and corporations, and the voices of men and women of conscience in the West, who had been largely responsible for the overthrow of white rule.

Yet despite his nation’s debt to America, Europe and nations that went out of their way to oppose apartheid, Mandela has been hugely critical of the West, associating instead with its enemies.

Celebs form an orderly queue…

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