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Rod Liddle Thanks David Cameron

by | 11th, July 2008

ROD Liddle thanks David Cameron for pointing things out:

Good for David Cameron. There was a grotesquely fat woman in front of me in the checkout queue at Sainsbury’s this week, so fat I couldn’t see the car park; she looked like 26 Ethiopians, if you put them in a blender, added some bleach and gelatine and then allowed the result to set for 38 years in the fridge. Her trolley was full of prepackaged brown filth, tramp-semen-flavoured nacho chips, pasta shaped into an approximation of Shami Chakrabarti’s face, smothered in sugar and vinegar and tomato sauce and shoved in a tin, and carbonated sugary drinks that would make Jesus belch. Meanwhile, causing a ruckus by the entrance, was her vile lardy brood, a clutch of under ten E.S.N. thromboses waiting to happen, even the youngest of them with a pierced ear. How did they find a sleeper large enough to get through all that earlobe fat, I wondered — through all that reconstituted crispy chicken nugget and salt and sugar and saturated gunk?

Before David Cameron’s speech in Glasgow East I would simply have shrugged my shoulders, looking at this hag, and maybe sighed — ah, yes, this is Britain. But now he has told these awful people it’s all their own fault that they are hideous, poor and stupid…

Sterilisation by crisps…

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