Anorak News | Daily Mirror’s Bog Standard Reporting On Amy Winehouse

Daily Mirror’s Bog Standard Reporting On Amy Winehouse

by | 12th, July 2008

SAYS the Mirror: “During a three-hour stint at the launch of her new club night in north London, Wino went to the ladies… 14 times!”

How this compares with the toilet habits of the nation as a whole is no less shocking, putting Winehouse in the top 9 percentile of toilet goers, but still some way short of the Val Doonican fan club which holds meetings in a toilet to avoid everyone missing the show.

The Mirror does the maths and says this works out at “one visit every 12 minutes and 40 seconds”, with Winehouse remaining in the stalls “for at least nine minutes at a time”.

“Blimey,” says the Mirror’s woman in the queue. She must have ploughed her way through a rainforest’s worth of toilet paper!”

The worry is she runs out and is forced to use copies of the Daily Mirror until more trees can be felled…

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