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Do You See Jesus, Osama Or Travis?

by | 14th, July 2008

DO you see Jesus when you look into the tutti fruitti ice crema?

Customers at Hatch Family Chocolates say they spotted the image of Christ in the swirls of spumoni.

“My take is, it’s coincidence…yes, it does kind of look like Jesus, but I guess you could also say—or as my wife thinks—its one of the Beatles,” said Steve Hatch.

Others say it resembles William Shakespeare.

“Definitely with the ruffly collar.”

Ivor Bunsen, Anorak’s Jesology expert, says much can be determined about what bearded man you see in things.

Says he: “What you see reveals more about you than otherwise believed. For instance if you see Osama bin Laden, you are in the CIA; if you see Dave Lee Travis you are going on a long journey; and if you see David Blunkett, you shold replace the lid and leave to melt.”

It’s Noel Edmonds. Sure of it…

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