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Ferrier Boyz Uphold The Universal Culture Of Violence

by | 16th, July 2008

ENCOURAGING news from South London where a six-strong gang of youths, collectively known as the Ferrier Boyz, have been banged up for a total of 46 years.

It’s a sure sign that multiculturalism does work.

Unfortunate that Faheem Javaid was punched, beaten with a brick, hit with a motorbike helmet and stabbed four times in the back and that his younger brother was robbed in broad daylight but let’s focus on the positives.

Eltham, the scene of the attack, is synonymous in tabloid land with the murder of innocent black youth Stephen Lawrence by a white gang in 1993, a truth the Star mentions in its report.

Now we can say that racism has been put aside as the area’s youths of all shades come together to attack an Asian man.

Abdul Yassin-Noor, Alex Ojerinola, Simba Chiuture, Neil Williamson, Younatan Frezgi and Trevon Bert might be feral, revolting scum, but they are not racists, and will attack anyone regardless of colour of creed.

And that is surely a sign of progress…

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